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File upload

Upload file content and meta-data into repository.
POST /alfresco/service/api/upload

HTML form data
  • filedata, (mandatory) HTML type file
  • You must specify one of:
    • destination (the folder NodeRef where the node will be created)
    • updateNodeRef (the NodeRef of an existing node that will be updated)
    • siteid and containerid (the Site name and the container in that site where the document will be created)
  • uploaddirectory - name of the folder (either in the site container or the destination) where the document will be uploaded. This folder must already exist
  • description - Description for a version update (versionDescription)
  • contenttype - The content type that this document should be specialised to
  • majorversion
  • overwrite
  • thumbnails
Return content
  • nodeRef

Return status: STATUS_OK (200)

The web script description document specifies the following options:
Value Description
json The default response format
user The authentication access
required The transaction level
any The format style