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The webscript object provides metadata describing the web script currently being executed.
Web script metadata is accessed through the following properties of the webscript object.
Type Description
id (Read-only string) The web script identifier
shortName (Read-only string) The web script short name
description (Read-only string) The web script description
defaultFormat (Read-only string) The default response format if none is explicitly specified in the web script URI
formatStyle (Read-only string) The accepted ways of specifying the format in the web script URI
URIs (Read-only string array) URI templates
method (Read-only string) HTTP method
requiredAuthentication (Read-only string) Required level of authentication
requiredTransaction (Read-only string) Required level of transaction
storePath (Read-only string) The path of the persistent store where the web script is stored
scriptPath (Read-only string) The path (within storePath) of web script implementation files
descPath (Read-only string) The path (within storePath) of the web script description document