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Upgrading search

Use this information to migrate the search subsystem during an upgrade to Alfresco One 5.1.5.
Important: The Lucene search subsystem is not available in Alfresco One 5.1.5.
Important: During an upgrade, Solr 4 needs to reindex the entire repository. While reindexing is in progress, you may use Solr 1 for basic search functionality - new functionality enabled by Solr 4 (such as filtered searches) will not be available, and you may encounter other issues with search capabilities.
This information describes the migration path of the following two examples:
  • Upgrading from Alfresco 4.x with Lucene to Alfresco One 5.1.5 with Solr 4
  • Upgrading from Alfresco 4.x with Solr 1.4 to Alfresco One 5.1.5 with Solr 4

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