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The <ALFRESCO_HOME>/solr4/conf/ file is used to set configuration that applies to all the cores in a Solr instance.

Most of these settings need to be replicated across all the Solr instances that are a part of the sharded index. However, there are some properties related to dynamic shard registration, such as host and port, which can be set for each machine.

These Solr instance specific settings can be omitted but you may have to define the correct host that the repository will use to communicate to Solr, for example, using an internal IP addresses in a cloud environment. By default, the host is detected by Java, the port will default to 8080, and the tomcat port is either determined by JMX or that explicitly defined in the file.

The file defines the:
  • properties that are treated as identifiers
  • properties that are used to generate suggestions
  • data types that support cross locale/word splitting/token pattern
  • properties that support cross locale/word splitting/token pattern
  • property
  • solr.port property

Properties defined in the file

You can define which properties are treated as identifiers, regardless of how they are defined in the model. These are properties must not be tokenised. If this list is changed, a reindex is required. You can also reindex by query. For more information, see Reindex documents by query.

If you rename the file to, it will use the same set of identifier properties that are used in Alfresco One 5.0.

# Properties treated as identifiers when indexed{}creator{}modifier{}userName{}authorityName 

You can define which properties are used for suggestion.

# Suggestable Properties{}name{}title{}description{}content
Suggestion can also be configured for the search subsystem and for any SOLR core using properties. If the file is missing in Alfresco One 5.1.5, suggestion will be configured as it is in Alfresco One 5.0.

You can define which properties are used for tokenisation with the Solr word delimiter factory.

# Data types that support cross locale/word splitting/token patterns if tokenised{}name

You can define which property types are used for tokenisation with the Solr word delimiter factory.

# Data types that support cross locale/word splitting/token patterns if tokenised

# alfresco.cross.locale.datatype.0={}text
# alfresco.cross.locale.datatype.1={}content
# alfresco.cross.locale.datatype.2={}mltext

Support for cross-language search

The cross core configuration options to use specific locales for cross-locale searches are set in the file. Cross language search uses the appropriate stemmed tokens for all locales.

For backward compatibility, this file is absent in Alfresco One 5.1.5 to provide options equivalent to Alfresco One 5.0.

To configure cross-language search, follow the steps below:
  1. Open the <ALFRESCO_HOME>/solr4/conf/ file.
  2. Set the following properties:{}name

    This sets the properties that should be dual tokenised.

    The cross-language search in Alfresco One 5.0 is now only used to provide support to split tokens (based on case and numbers) to generate in word tokens. The in word tokenisation is mainly used for name. For example, find RedDog12 by Red, Dog, or 12, Dog12, and so on. This property must be indexed and tokenised.

  3. To specify the same behaviour based on the data type, set the following properties:

Query time expansion of locales

Query time expansion of locales can be defined in the solrconfig.xml file as part of the query language definition.

Locale parameter What is it?
autoDetectQueryLocale If true, this uses the query typed in by the user to detect the locale.
autoDetectQueryLocales This specifies a set of locales. One of these may be used in executing the query if autoDetectQueryLocale=true.
fixedQueryLocales This specifies a fixed set of locales always used by the query.
What locales are used?
  • The locale for the current session is always used.
  • If the autoDetectQueryLocale parameter is used, then the best match from autoDetectQueryLocales is used. If no parameter is set, then all the possible locales are used.
  • All fixedQueryLocales are used.
Here are some example entries in the solrconfig.xml file:
<queryParser name="afts" class="org.alfresco.solr.query.AlfrescoFTSQParserPlugin">
    <str name="rerankPhase">QUERY_PHASE</str>
    <str name="autoDetectQueryLocale ">true</str>
    <str name="autoDetectQueryLocales ">en,fr,de</str>
<queryParser name="afts" class="org.alfresco.solr.query.AlfrescoFTSQParserPlugin">
    <str name="rerankPhase">QUERY_PHASE</str>
    <str name="fixedQueryLocales">en,fr,de</str>

These are query time options and do not require a reindex. Currently, these values cannot be set in the file.

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