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Registering a Java-backed web script

You must register a Java-backed web script with the Web Script Framework through Spring Framework configuration, which supports the notion of a bean: a declaration of a Java class instance.

Each Java-backed web script is defined by its own bean declaration. For example, the Java Folder Listing web script is declared as follows:

  <bean id=""
   class="org.example.JavaDir" parent="webscript">

Spring beans have a unique identifier through their id attribute and construct an instance of the Java class as named through their class attribute. The Web Script Framework uses the following bean id naming convention for locating Java-backed web scripts:

webscript.<web script package>.<web script id>.<http method>

The <web script package>, <web script id>, and <http method> bind the Java class to the associated web script. The class attribute refers to the Java class implementing the Java-backed web script. Finally, all web script bean declarations must have the parent 'webscript.

In this tutorial the bean file was located at:


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