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Improving your Sub-Component Evaluations code

This tutorial improves your previous code by eliminating the hard-coded site name.
In the previous tutorial you conditionally displayed a component based on a hard-coded string (the site URL). In this tutorial you will improve your code to pass the site URL as a parameter.
  1. Update the extension-modules.xml file so that the Evaluator is configured as follows:

    <evaluator type="beans.evaluator">      
    Note: Note that the site to evaluate on is now passed as a parameter.
    When setting Evaluator parameters, the element name is the parameter key and the element value is the parameter value. All the configured parameters will be passed as the params argument when the evaluate method is called. Parameters can also accept token substitution – so you could set a parameter of:

    This would pass in whatever the name of the site was. This would cause the Evaluator to pass, regardless of the site dashboard being displayed.

  2. Modify evaluate method in the SiteMembersEvaluator class as follows:

    public boolean evaluate(RequestContext context, Map<String, String> params)   
        boolean result;        
        String site = context.getUriTokens().get( "site" );        
        if (site ==  null )        
           site = context.getParameter( "site" );        
         String targetSite = params.get( "site" );        
         result = (site !=  null && site.equals(targetSite));        
         return result;   
  3. Rebuild and redeploy the JAR by running the project build file.
  4. Restart the application server.

    You will now see that when you visit Sample Site the Site Members component is hidden and when visiting the Test Site site the Site Members component is displayed.

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