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Solr 6 directory structure

After you have installed Solr 6, several directories and configuration files related to Solr will be available in the Solr 6 home directory.
The Solr 6 distribution ( contains the following artifacts:
  • solrhome directory: This is the Solr configuration directory that is specific to Alfresco. It contains the following sub-folders are files:
    Folder/File Description
    alfrescoModels When you install Solr 6, it creates an empty alfrescoModels directory. When Solr first talks to Alfresco, it pulls the model definitions into this directory.
    conf This directory contains the file. See Solr 6 externalized configuration.
    templates This directory contains the core templates that define the base configuration for a new Solr core with some configuration properties. This directory also contains the /rerank/conf/ file.
    solr.xml This file defines the Solr web application context.
  • logs directory: This directory contains the Solr 6-specific logging configuration file.
    Folder/File Description This is the configuration file for Solr-specific logging. The Solr 6 log file can be found at <TOMCAT_HOME>/logs/solr.log.
  • solr directory: This directory contains the Solr 6 binaries and runtime Java library files.
  • contentstore directory: This directory does not appear in the file. It is automatically created after your Solr 6 cores are created and they start indexing. It stores the cache of all the content.
  • Use this file to specify additional Solr 6 configuration options for Windows.
  • Use this file to specify additional Solr 6 configuration options for non-Windows platform, such a Linux and Mac OS X.
  • README.MD: This file provides version information for the Alfresco Content Services, Alfresco Search Services, and Solr 6.

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