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Deployment prerequisites

There are a number of software requirements for installing (or deploying) Alfresco Content Services using the new deployment mechanism.

You'll find a list of prerequisites in the GitHub project documentation.

Note that the file in GitHub lists the supported versions.

Here, you can review the requirements for your chosen deployment method.

Requirements for using Helm charts

To deploy Alfresco Content Services using Helm charts, you need to install the following software:

  • AWS CLI - the command line interface for Amazon Web Services.
  • Kubectl - the command line tool for Kubernetes.
  • Helm - the tool for installing and managing Kubernetes applications.
    • There are Helm charts that allow you to deploy Alfresco Content Services in a Kubernetes cluster, for example, on AWS.

See Deploying Alfresco Content Services Helm charts to AWS EKS for more.

Requirements for a manual install using a distribution zip containing WAR files

To install Alfresco Content Services using the distribution zip, make sure that the required software is available on your system:

  • Java
  • Application server: Apache Tomcat
  • Database: PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • LibreOffice
  • ImageMagick

For a list of supported components and versions, refer to the file in the distribution zip.

See Installing using distribution zip for more.

Java requirements

Java 8 is recommended.

Requirements for using docker-compose (recommended for evaluations only)
  • Docker (latest stable version)
    • This allows you to run Docker images and docker-compose on a single computer.
  • Docker Compose
    • Docker Compose is included as part of some Docker installers. If it's not part of your installation, then install it separately after you've installed Docker.

See Deploying using Docker Compose for more.

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