Configure LibreOffice

You can transform a document from one format to another using the OOoJodconverter subsystem. This feature requires you to install LibreOffice.

The Jodconverter integration is a library that improves the stability and performance of LibreOffice in Content Services. The Jodconverter runs on the same machine as the Content Services server and it supports:

  • a pool of separate LibreOffice processes
  • automatic restart of crashed LibreOffice processes
  • automatic termination of slow LibreOffice operations
  • automatic restart of any LibreOffice process after a number of operations (this is a workaround for LibreOffice memory leaks)

It’s also possible to use OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice.

Change the OOoJodconverter subsystems

The default subsystem for LibreOffice transformations is OOoJodconverter.

You can change the OOoJodConverter and OOoDirect subsystems using the following ways:

  • Admin Console - Transformation Services
  • Runtime administration using your JMX client
  • Modifying the global properties file
  • Admin Console
    1. Open the Admin Console.

    2. In the Repository Services section, click Transformation Services to open the Transformation Services page.

    3. Set the Office Transform - JODConverter properties.

      Property Description
      JODConverter Enabled Enables or disables the JODConverter for transformations, for example Yes.
      Max Tasks per Process The maximum number of tasks that can be performed concurrently, for example 200.
      Office Suite Location The directory path locations of or LibreOffice, for example /opt/libreoffice5.4/.
      Port Numbers The port number that JODConverter uses. To enable multiple process instances, enter a comma-separated list of port numbers, all of which must be available, for example 8100.
      Task Execution Timeout The duration in milliseconds after which a task will timeout, for example 120000.
      Task Queue Timeout The duration in milliseconds after which the task queue will timeout, for example 30000.
    4. Click Save to apply the changes you’ve made to the properties.

      If you don’t want to save the changes, click Cancel.

  • JMX
    1. Open your JMX client, for example, JConsole.

    2. Locate the OOoJodconverter subsystem.

    3. Edit the property setting, such as set the jodconverter.enabled value to true.

    4. Restart the subsystem.

  • Global properties
  • If you’ve previously modified a value using the Admin Console or JMX, it’ll take preference to any change made to the global properties file.

    1. Open the file.

    2. Edit the property setting, such as set the jodconverter.enabled value to true.

    3. Save the file.

    4. Restart the Content Services server.

Jodconverter configuration properties

The OOoJodconverter subsystem uses LibreOffice. Configure the following properties for the OOoJodconverter subsystem using either the Admin Console, JMX, or the global properties file.

Property Description
jodconverter.connectTimeout Specifies the maximum number of milliseconds before a connection times out. The default is 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds).
jodconverter.enabled Enables or disables the Jodconverter process(es).
jodconverter.maxTasksPerProcess Specifies the number of transforms before the process restarts. The default is 200.
jodconverter.officeHome Specifies the name of the LibreOffice install directory. The following are examples of install directory paths:

Windows: jodconverter.officeHome=c:/Alfresco/libreoffice
Linux: /opt/libreoffice5.4
jodconverter.portNumbers Specifies the port numbers used by each processing thread. The number of process will match the number of ports.
jodconverter.taskExecutionTimeout Specifies the maximum number of milliseconds that an operation is allowed to run before it is aborted. It is used to recover from operations that have hung. The default is 120000 milliseconds (2 minutes).
jodconverter.taskQueueTimeout Specifies the maximum number of milliseconds a task waits in the transformation queue before the process restarts. It’s used to recover hung LibreOffice processes. The default is 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds).

Configure OpenOffice transformations in place of LibreOffice

LibreOffice is used in preference to OpenOffice in Content Services. Use this information if you need to configure OpenOffice transformations specifically. Although unsupported, it should be possible to use OpenOffice in place of LibreOffice. You can do this by setting the jodconverter.officeHome property to the path of the OpenOffice installation in the global properties file.

  1. Open the file.

  2. Set the jodconverter.officeHome property to the path of the OpenOffice installation.

  3. Restart the Content Services server.

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