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Platform integration points

The Alfresco Content Services platform features a number of integration points that can be used to integrate web clients, desktop clients, enterprise services, and applications.

The following table lists platform integration points and links to relevant documentation.

Integration point Description
REST Clients Most of the remote integrations will use the REST API. By using the REST API the client code can be written in any language that can make HTTP calls and that can process XML or JSON.
Java Clients If the remote client is written in Java, then it might make sense to wrap the REST API in a Java library for convenience and easier usage. The Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS Java library can be used for most operations, except to manage Alfresco specific content such as sites, tags, and ratings.
Aikau Clients If you are looking at the out-of-the-box Alfresco Share, and there are too many changes needed to turn it into the web client that you want, then you can build a new content management UI with the Aikau framework and content widgets.

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