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Predefined evaluators

This information provides a list of the evaluators that are defined in the core Alfresco Share code.

They are all defined in slingshot-documentlibrary-context.xml and can be reused in customizations as required.


These evaluators might need extra configuration before they can be used and form the basis of all metadata and action evaluators by using the bean configuration parent attribute.

Evaluator Properties
  • aspects: List of aspects the node must have
  • mimetypes: The node must match one of the mimetypes
  • property: the node property must not be null for this evaluator to return true
  • evaluators: List of evaluators that are run in turn until one returns false or the end is reached
  • evaluators: List of evaluators that are run in turn until one returns true
  • Always returns false
  • presets: current site must match one of the listed presets
  • Returns true if the current node is located within a Share site and the Site Document Library is being used
  • types: Current documentLibrary container folder must match one of the listed types
  • allow Subtypes: Whether subtypes of the node are also allowed
  • types: Node must match one of the listed types

This evaluator is described in further detail in the next topic.

  • accessor: jsNode property to be tested
  • comparator: Bean definition of class implementing the Comparator interface

This evaluator is described in further detail in the next topic.

  • accessor: metadata property to be tested
  • comparator: Bean definition of class implementing the Comparator interface
  • regex: Regular expression to match against browser userAgent string
evaluator.doclib.action.isPortlet Returns true if the application is deployed within a portlet environment
evaluator.doclib.action.notPortlet Returns the inverse of isPortlet


The evaluator.doclib.action.value and evaluator.doclib.action.metadataValue evaluators use comparator helper beans in order to test a value against certain conditions. The following comparators are available in a standard install.

Evaluator Properties
  • aspects: Value to test string against
  • caseInsensitive: Defaults to true
  • value: Boolean to indicate if null should be the pass or fail case

Evaluator Instances

The following lists describe each of the evaluators defined for the v4.0 release.

Status indicator evaluators

evaluator.doclib.indicator.editing The current user is editing this node (working copy)
evaluator.doclib.indicator.lockOwner The current user is the lock owner (original of a working copy pair)
evaluator.doclib.indicator.locked The node is locked by another user
evaluator.doclib.indicator.googleDocsEditing The node is being edited using Google Docs
evaluator.doclib.indicator.googleDocsOwner The current user is editing the node is Google Docs
evaluator.doclib.indicator.googleDocsLocked Another user is editing the node using Google Docs
evaluator.doclib.indicator.activeWorkflows The node is involved in one or more active (advanced) workflows
evaluator.doclib.indicator.simpleWorkflow The node is part of a simple workflow process
evaluator.doclib.indicator.rules The node has rules applied
evaluator.doclib.indicator.exifMetadata The node has the EXIF metadata aspect applied
evaluator.doclib.indicator.geographicMetadata The node has the Geographic aspect applied

Metadata template evaluators

evaluator.doclib.metadata.hasCategories The node has the classifiable aspect applied
evaluator.doclib.metadata.isWorkingCopy The node is a working copy

Action evaluators

evaluator.doclib.action.simpleApprove Uses simpleWorkflowAspect and simpleApproveProperty to check for the simple workflow “Approve” action validity
evaluator.doclib.action.simpleReject Uses simpleWorkflowAspect and simpleRejectProperty to check for the simple workflow “Reject” action validity
evaluator.doclib.action.locateAction Checks the current filter is “path”
evaluator.doclib.action.inlineEdit Uses the inlineEditAspect and inlineEditMimetype evaluators to determine if a content node can be edited inline
evaluator.doclib.action.onlineEdit Uses onlineEditVtiServer, onlineEditBrowser and onlineEditMimetype evaluators to determine if the “Edit in Microsoft Office” action is valid
evaluator.doclib.action.hasLockableAspect Used in an inverted state for the “Edit Offline”, “Copy”, “Move” and “Publish” actions
evaluator.doclib.action.siteBased Enables the site-based permissions dialog. Used in inverted state for the repository-based permissions page action
evaluator.doclib.action.isWorkingCopy Tests whether a node is a working copy
evaluator.doclib.action.viewInExplorer Reads the repository-url config value to determine the validity of the “View in Explorer” action
evaluator.doclib.action.googleDocsEditable Enables “Check out to Google Docs” action
evaluator.doclib.action.googleDocsCheckIn Tests for the validity of the “Check in from Google Docs” action
evaluator.doclib.action.googleDocsView Tests whether a node has been checked out to Google Docs
evaluator.doclib.action.googleMaps Checks for the cm:geographic aspect
evaluator.doclib.action.transferred Tests for the trx:transferred action for the “View in Source Repository” action

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