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Filtered search configuration file and default properties

There are a number of default filtered search configuration properties defined. The default filtered search properties are explained here.

The following example shows how the default filters are defined:

# Alfresco default facets
# Note: If you have changed the filter's default value(s) via Share, then any
# subsequent changes of those default values won't be applied to the filter on
# server startup.

# Field-Facet-Qname => cm:content.mimetype\:content.mimetype.filterID=filter_mimetype\:content.mimetype.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.formats\:content.mimetype.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:content.mimetype.maxFilters=5\:content.mimetype.hitThreshold=1\:content.mimetype.minFilterValueLength=4\:content.mimetype.sortBy=DESCENDING\:content.mimetype.scope=ALL\:content.mimetype.scopedSites=\:content.mimetype.isEnabled=true

# Field-Facet-Qname => cm:creator\:creator.filterID=filter_creator\:creator.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.creator\:creator.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:creator.maxFilters=5\:creator.hitThreshold=1\:creator.minFilterValueLength=4\:creator.sortBy=ALPHABETICALLY\:creator.scope=ALL\:creator.scopedSites=\:creator.isEnabled=true

# Field-Facet-Qname => cm:modifier\:modifier.filterID=filter_modifier\:modifier.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.modifier\:modifier.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:modifier.maxFilters=5\:modifier.hitThreshold=1\:modifier.minFilterValueLength=4\:modifier.sortBy=ALPHABETICALLY\:modifier.scope=ALL\:modifier.scopedSites=\:modifier.isEnabled=true

# Field-Facet-Qname => cm:created\:created.filterID=filter_created\:created.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.created\:created.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:created.maxFilters=5\:created.hitThreshold=1\:created.minFilterValueLength=4\:created.sortBy=INDEX\:created.scope=ALL\:created.scopedSites=\:created.isEnabled=true

# Field-Facet-Qname => cm:modified\:modified.filterID=filter_modified\:modified.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.modified\:modified.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:modified.maxFilters=5\:modified.hitThreshold=1\:modified.minFilterValueLength=4\:modified.sortBy=INDEX\:modified.scope=ALL\:modified.scopedSites=\:modified.isEnabled=true

# Field-Facet-Qname => cm:content.size\:content.size.filterID=filter_content_size\:content.size.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.size\:content.size.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:content.size.maxFilters=5\:content.size.hitThreshold=1\:content.size.minFilterValueLength=4\:content.size.sortBy=INDEX\:content.size.scope=ALL\:content.size.scopedSites=\:content.size.isEnabled=true

Filter property description

An example of a filter is cm:modified. It specifies the name of the filter field. It is the field on which you want to do a filtered search.
Specifies a unique name to identify the filter. Before adding a new filter, check the existing filters (via Search Manager) to ensure that the filterID does not already exist.
Specifies the display name of the filter.
Enables the user to decide the user interface control or how the filter is displayed on the Search page. The default option is Check box. displayControl is the full module name for an Aikau widget which is used for rendering the facet filters. By default, Alfresco Content Services provides alfresco/search/FacetFilters which is a basic rendering of the filters available for the facet.
Enables the user to select the maximum number of filters shown for search results. You can select to show more than one filter.
Enables the user to select the minimum number of matches a filter result must have to be shown on the Search page.
Specifies the minimum length of characters that a filter value must have to be displayed. This can be useful in hiding common short words.
Enables the user to select the order in which the filter results must be shown on the Search page. The sortBy option is passed to the FacetFilters widget and defines how the filters should be sorted. This property has the following options:
Option Description
ALPHABETICALLY Specifies the filter value A-Z.
REVERSE_ALPHABETICALLY Specifies the filter value Z-A.
ASCENDING Specifies the number of filter results (low to high).
DESCENDING Specifies the number of filter results (high to low).
INDEX This is a special value reserved for results rendered by filter queries.
Enables the user to select the sites where the filter will be available.
Displays a list of sites where the filter will be available.
Specifies if the filter is enabled for inclusion on the search results page. Disabled filters are not displayed. Only the filters you create via Share console can be deleted; default filters must be disabled to hide them.
Note: You cannot delete or modify any of the default filters, however you can disable them. To define your own custom filters, see Defining custom search filters.

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