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System Smart Folders

System Smart Folders are best used when you want to see content (that is distributed across the repository) in context; for example, all my files, or all files that are tagged as confidential.
These are the key elements of System Smart Folders:
  • Best used to apply multiple taxonomies to find content in context
  • Loaded using the System Smart Folder (smf:systemConfigSmartFolder) aspect
  • Default template selected using the Smart Folder Template called smartFoldersExample.json
  • New templates can be added in Repository/Data Dictionary/Smart Folder Templates.
    Note: When you add a template to Repository/Data Dictionary/Smart Folder Templates, select Change Type and choose the Smart Folder Template type, to ensure that the new template is displayed in the list in Repository/Data Dictionary/Smart Folder Templates.
Advanced Smart Folders settings are provided in the <tomcat>/shared/classes/ file.

See Applying a Smart Folder Template for more information.

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