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Configuring Smart Folders

Smart Folders organize your content so that you can store files across your organization, but view them based on information requirement, not location.

Stored searches are shown in a folder tree, so that when a user opens a folder, a query is run and the results are displayed in a list. Files are also automatically classified when they are uploaded.

Smart Folders are installed as a core part of Alfresco Content Services, so there is no separate AMP file to install or upgrade. The Smart Folders function is disabled by default, and can be enabled in your file by specifying smart.folders.enabled=true.

Folders are differentiated by icon:
  • Physical folder: Physical folder icon
  • Smart folder: Folder with a magnifying glass representing a Smart Folder

Using Smart Folders in this way helps you to manage your information; for example, where you have a number of sources of information, in a variety of folders. Content that might be related to, but not directly involved in your work is also retrieved, depending on the search criteria.

The Smart Folder structure is created by associating a Smart Folder Template with an Alfresco Content Services physical folder. Multiple Smart Folder structures can be defined in a single template. For every Smart Folder, the template defines a folder name, search, and filing criteria, along with other properties. New templates are typically defined and added by business analysts, and created by administrators.

The folder structure can be personalised by user, for example, if you create a folder called My Files, you can populate it with files relevant to each user.

Take a look at the videos to learn more: Smart Folders videos

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