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Prerequisites for using Smart Folders

There are a number of prerequisites for using Smart Folders.

Alfresco requirements

  • Smart Folders are provided as part of the standard installation with Alfresco Content Services.
  • Change the Smart Folders property setting in the <tomcat>/shared/classes/ file to true:
    Note: By default, the smart.folders.enabled=false property setting is at the end of the file. Set this property to true to enable Smart Folders, rather than adding a new smart.folders.enabled=true property setting to the file, which will cause the Smart Folder example not to work.
  • To define a query for a Smart Folder, Alfresco Full Text Search (AFTS) must be used.
  • Ensure that your system administrator has configured Alfresco Content Services to use either Solr 4 or Alfresco Search Services with Solr 6 as a search service. The Alfresco Full Text Search should also be configured to either Always use Database or Use Database if possible.

Ensure that your business analyst has considered the business case for enabling Smart Folders. See Planning and implementing Smart Folders for more information.

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