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CMIS query

A CMIS query is based upon SQL-92. The query is read-only and presents no data manipulation capabilities.

The syntax consists of the following clauses:

  • SELECT with a target list
  • FROM with the object types being queried
  • JOIN to perform a join between object types
  • WHERE with the predicate
  • IN and ANY to query multi-value properties
  • CONTAINS to specify a full-text qualification
  • IN_FOLDER and IN_TREE to search within a folder hierarchy
  • ORDERBY to sort the results
The CMIS query maps the object type into a relational structure where object type approximates a table, the object approximates a row, and the property approximates a column that can be multi-valued. You can query the actual binary content using a full text query and folder path information using the in_folder and in_tree functions.

A query can also be paged for user interface presentation.

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