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Generating secure keys for SSL communication

Use this information to generate certificates for SSL/mutual TLS authentication between the repository and Alfresco Search Services, using secure keys specific to your installation.
A certificates generator script, (for Linux) and run.cmd (for Windows) is provided in a GitHub project. The script consists of two parts - the first part is based on OpenSSL (to generate the certificates), and the second part is based on the Java keytool (to build the keystores and truststores). Here, we'll focus on running the script for a standalone Linux or Windows operating system.

Before you start, you must already have OpenSSL and keytool available in your system path.

  1. Browse to the GitHub project and click Clone or download.

    If you downloaded the project, extract the files to a suitable location.

  2. Change directory to the following location and run the script:

    (For Linux)

    cd /ssl-tool

    (For Windows)

    cd ssl-tool-win

    By default, this creates a keystores folder in your current working directory.

    Note: If the keystores folder isn't empty, the script exits without producing any keystore or truststore. You can safely, remove the keystores folder if you need to re-run the script.

See Keystore directory structure for more and Customizing certificate generation for a full list of parameters that allow you to customize your certificates. It is recommended that you set your own passwords when generating certificates.

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