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Installing and configuring Solr nodes

This topic describes the instructions for installing and configuring Solr nodes in a cluster.
  1. Configure Solr nodes.

    See Installing and configuring Alfresco Search Services for more information.

  2. Edit the <SOLR_HOME>/solrhome/templates/rerank/conf/ file.

    If you've already started Solr and the cores (alfresco and archive) already exist, open the following files:

  3. Set the following Solr properties in the file:
    alfresco.port.ssl=8443    (if using HTTPS transport, specify the SSL port)
    alfresco.port=8080        (if using HTTP transport, specify the HTTP port)
    alfresco.secureComms=none (if using HTTP transport, or https if HTTPS transport is being used)
  4. If you're using HTTPS transport, then make sure that your load balancer is configured to use the Alfresco certificate.

    You'll need to generate your own browser.p12 certificate, and add it to your load balancer configuration.

  5. If you're using HTTP transport, then make sure that the following property is set in <classpathRoot>/


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