Alfresco Digital Workspace 1.0

The Alfresco Digital Workspace is a new content management application built with the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF). The user interface has been streamlined making simple tasks such as uploading, downloading, searching for content, and collaborating with others much easier. You can create public, moderated, and private libraries. Access for other users to these libraries can be configured by setting permissions, at an individual or group level. Libraries can be added to your favourites list so they can be accessed easily. The search feature is powerful and includes numerous filters based on your metadata, so you can quickly find what you are looking for. The Alfresco Digital Workspace simplifies the complexity of content management and provides comprehensive extensibility features for developers, using the ADF, and allows them to easily and quickly create custom solutions for specific use cases.

The Alfresco Digital Workspace is automatically deployed as part of Alfresco Content Services using Helm charts or a Docker Compose file. You can also manually install Alfresco Content Services using standard war files and then configure the installation to include the Alfresco Digital Workspace.

See the following video for a quick introduction to the Alfresco Digital Workspace.

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