Governance services video tutorials

Watch these videos for tips on using Governance Services.

Create a Records Management site

This video shows how to create a Records Management Share site, which is required before you can start doing any Records Management.

Import Records Management test data

In this video you will see how data can be loaded into a Records Management Share site.

Create a Record Category

Here we will learn how to create a Record Category.

Create a Retention Schedule

Here we will learn how to create a Retention Schedule.

Create Retention Schedule Steps

Here we will learn how to create the Retention Schedule steps.

Create a Record Folder

Here we will learn how to create a Record Folder, which is used to store records.

Set User Permissions

Learn how to set up permissions for users in this video.

File a Record

See how you can file a record.

File an Unfiled Record

Learn how to file a record that is unfiled.

Add a Record Type

See how to add metadata for records by applying a record type.

Edit Record Metadata

In this video we learn how to update the record metadata.

Complete a Record

Learn how to complete a record.

Process Records

In this video you learn how to process individual records or records in a folder.

Automate the File Plan

In the File Plan you can define category and folder rules to manage your content automatically.

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