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Setting up a folder rule for Intelligence Services

You can use the Intelligence Services components by setting up a folder rule and adding text and images to that folder.

  1. In Alfresco Share create a test folder.
  2. Select the folder and click Manage Rules to create a folder rule.
  3. Click Create Rules.
  4. Enter a name and a description (optional) for the rule.
  5. Select when the rule is triggered.

    Choose Items are created or enter this folder, and (optionally) Items are updated. Use the + and - icons to add and remove extra criteria.

  6. Select when the rule is applied.

    Add Content of type or sub-type is Content, as shown.

  7. Select a rule action to perform.
    1. First, select Add aspect, then add one or more AI aspects. Use the + and - icons to add and remove extra aspects.

      For example, you can add AI Labels, AI Organizations, AI People, and AI Places.

      To extract data using Amazon Rekognition, select AI Labels.

      To extract data using Amazon Comprehend, select the remaining AI * aspects.

    2. Select Request AI renditions.
  8. (Optional) Select options Rule applies to subfolders and also apply when Items are updated.

    This will apply the rule to your test folder and all its subfolders.

  9. Click Create to save the rule.

    At this point, your rule has been applied to request the AI renditions and add the selected AI aspects. Here is an example of the completed rule:

    See the Alfresco Content Services documentation, Applying rules to folders to find out more about folder rules.

  10. Next, upload content to your test folder.

    For example, choose a text file and a PNG or JPG image.

  11. Wait for the renditions to complete.

    As an administrator, you can view the logs for the repository, Transform Router, AI Engine, and ActiveMQ/Amazon MQ to monitor the progress.

    See Troubleshooting Intelligence Services for more.

  12. Next, view the AI properties in Alfresco Digital Workspace.

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