Feature dependency mapping to component

You need a number of components to use all the Media Management capabilities. This information maps each feature with its dependencies.

Feature Software to implement Distributed by Alfresco?
IPTC metadata extraction FFmpeg and MM Java No
PBCore technical video metadata FFmpeg No
Custom XMP metadata ExifTool No
Metadata embedding ExifTool No
Video thumbnails FFmpeg No
Local video transcoding FFmpeg No
Remote video transcoding FFmpeg,Zencoder and AWS (SDK through content services node) Yes
Video trim (transformation) FFmpeg No
Image crop and rotate (transformation) ImageMagick No
Back end components Content services node Yes
HTML5 video player video.js Yes
Video timeline comments videojs-markers Yes
Video storyboard thumbnails videojs-thumbnails Yes
Video trim UI rangeslider-videojs Yes
Image rotate UI Icons Yes
Image pan and zoom imgAreaSelect Yes
Dark site theme jquery.panzoom -
UI utilities CSS Yes
AWS CloudFront integration AWS (SDK using content services node) Yes

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