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Process Services Landing Page

The Landing Page is your user interface to Process Services. Each tile gives you tools for distinct sets of tasks.

The Landing Page is the starting point from which you can use:

  • App Designer - Design your process

  • My Tasks - View your task inbox or queue

  • Profile management / Identity management - Manage user and group capabilities

  • Analytics - Generate reports on process performance

Depending on the capabilities of your account you may or may not get access to the App Designer or Analytics.

Profile management will appear will appear for you only if you are a user. This is where you manage your personal information. If you have administrator capabilities, then Profile management will be displayed as Identity management. Use this tile to access your profile page as well as to manage user, group, and capability management pages for your tenant or the whole system.

You can click on the Alfresco Process Services logo at any time to return to your landing page.

Your landing page is dynamic, and new tiles will appear when you create new process apps in the App Designer and deploy them in the Task App.

You'll also see a list of shortcuts for tasks you might want to do next.

Note: If you are an administrator, your landing page is slightly different. Instead of the Profile management tile, you’ll find a more powerful set of tools called the Identity management tile.

All pages display the App Navigator icon in the far-right corner of the header. It provides useful 1-click shortcuts to various parts of the app. You can navigate instantly to all your process models, tasks, processes, stencils, forms, decision tables, quickly start any process, view the tasks and processes for a published and deployed app, or view and change your profile. As you deploy process apps, the App Navigator will also show shortcuts for the newly created process apps.

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