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Configure an Alfresco Content Services connection using Single Sign On (SSO)

An Alfresco Content Services connection to Process Services can be created using the Identity Service so that communication between the two systems is achieved using tokens instead of stored credentials.


Configuring a repository:

  1. Sign into Process Services as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Identity Management > Tenants > Alfresco Repositories.
  3. Add a new repository or edit an existing connection.
  4. Configure the following settings for the repository connection:
    Setting Description
    Name A name for the repository connection.
    Alfresco tenant The tenant to create the repository under.
    Repository base URL The base URL of the repository instance to connect to.
    Share base URL The base URL of Share for the repository instance to connect to.
    Alfresco version The version of Alfresco Content Services to connect to. This must be version 6.1.1 or later to use SSO.
    Authentication type The authentication type of the connection. Select Identity Service authentication to use SSO.

User authorization:

After a repository connection has been configured to use SSO users need to authorize their Alfresco Content Services credentials for use by Process Services by doing the following:

  1. Sign into Process Services.
  2. Navigate to Identity Management > Personal
  3. Select the Authorize button against the Alfresco Repository configured for SSO.
Note: If a repository Authentication type is changed then users are required to reauthorize their credentials for it.

Token expiry:

If a user's authorization token expires whilst they have Alfresco Content Services tasks assigned to them they will stay in a pending state until the user reauthorizes against the repository.

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