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Cookie configuration

Alfresco Process Services uses an HTTP cookie to store a user session. You can use multiple cookies for different browsers and devices. The application uses a database table to store the cookie values (called tokens internally), to allow a shared persistent session store in a multi-node setup.

It’s possible to change the settings regarding cookies:





The maximum age of a cookie, expressed in seconds. The max-age determines the period in which the browser will send the cookie with the requests.

2678400 (31 days)


The age of a cookie before it is refreshesd. Refreshing means a new token will be created and a new cookie will be returned which the browser will use for subsequent requests. Setting the refresh-age low, will result in many new database rows when the user is using the application.To avoid that a user is suddenly logged out when using the application when reaching the max-age above, tokens are refreshed after this period (expressed in seconds).

86400 (1 day)

By default, cookies will have the secure flag set, when the request being made is HTTPS. If you only want to use the remember-me cookie over HTTPS (i.e. make the secure flag mandatory), set the following property to true:





To avoid that the persistent token table gets too full, a background job periodically removes obsolete cookie token values. Possible settings:





The maximum age an entry in the database needs to have to be removed.

Falls back to the security.cookie.max-age setting if not found. This effectively means that cookies which are no longer valid could be removed immediately from the database table.


The cron expression determining when the obsolete database table entries for the cookie values will be checked for removal.

0 0 1 * * ? (01:00 at night)

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