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Custom web resources

If you want to add additional JavaScript functionality or override CSS rules, you can configure lists of additional web resources that are loaded by the browser for each Alfresco Process Services app. You do this by configuring a new resource in the tomcat/webapps/activiti-app folder.

Following is an example of a new resource section in the app-cfg.js file located in the tomcat/webapps/activiti-app/scripts folder:

ACTIVITI.CONFIG.resources = {
    '*': [
            'tag': 'link',
            'rel': 'stylesheet',
            'href': ACTIVITI.CONFIG.webContextRoot + '/custom/style.css?v=1.0'
    'workflow': [
            'tag': 'script',
            'type': 'text/javascript',
            'src': ACTIVITI.CONFIG.webContextRoot + '/custom/javascript.js?v=1.0'

The ACTIVITI.CONFIG.resources object makes it possible to load different files for each of the Activiti applications using their names as key for a list of additional resources that shall be loaded, the different app names are: landing, analytics, editor, idm and workflow. The * key means that a default resource list will be used unless there is a specific config key for the app being loaded.

For example, if a user would enter the editor app, with the config above deployed, custom/style.css would be the only custom resource that would be loaded. If a user would go to the workflow app, custom/javascript.js would be the only custom resource that would be loaded. So if workflow also wants to load the custom/style.css that would have to be specified again inside the workflow resource list.

Note: Remember to modify the v-parameter when you have done changes to your files to avoid the browser from using a cached version of your custom logic.

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