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Retrieve and use a folder entity

As with other data models, there are two ways you can retrieve Alfresco Content Services folder entities and use them in a process or decision table.

  1. Using the form field to data model mapping

    Using the form field to data model mapping property in a start or user task to map the form fields to the models attributes. Follow the same process described in Using data model in your processes.

  2. Using variables obtained from Stored Entity tasks

    When creating or updating folder entities, the entity can be stored in a variable.

    Note: MyF and GetMyFolder were the examples in Creating folder entities and Updating folder entities.

    These variables can then be used in the process expressions and parameters, forms, or decision tables. To use a variable in a form:

    1. Extend the example you created in Updating folder entities by adding a User Task action.
    2. Create a new form display folder.

      Data model retrieve folder

    3. From the form control toolbox drag and drop a Display Value field.
    4. Use the field configuration to select the variable.

      Note: The myGetFolder variable is an object with all the model attributes listed.
    5. Select a Name and Description.

      Data model retrieve variable

      Data model display folder

    6. Click Save.
    7. Save the process then publish and deploy the application.
    8. Create a new process and then create folder entities and update folder entities.

      After updating the folder entity a new task is created which uses the Display Folder name to show the entity attributes.Data model new display folder

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