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Goto step

The Goto step is available only when defining a substep within a choice step. You use a goto step to jump to a named step within your process definition. Like the End process step, it is a terminal step and no + (plus) icon appears after it.

  1. In the Goto step dialog > Details tab, type a Name and Description in order to help you and others to identify the tasks in your task list.
  2. Select a Goto step in this process definition to follow next.

    The process definition used here illustrates models for driving a car. If you turn left, then you continue your journey. As long as you continue turning left, your journey continues. If you turn right, you drive a short distance to your final destination. The goto step provides two ways of managing the flow of control in a process:

  3. You can implement repetition, as illustrated.
  4. You can also move the flow of tasks to another step in the current process.

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