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Using the REST API Explorer

Alfresco Process Services comes with a built-in REST API Explorer. This lets you discover and test the REST APIs of a locally running Process Services instance.

The REST API Explorer is based on the OpenAPI (Swagger) initiative and provides an interface for the REST API. You can browse the available API endpoints and test operations available within a particular API group.

Note: The following information applies to Alfresco Process Services version 1.6.0 users. This does not affect version 1.6.1 and later.

To use the REST API Explorer, you must add the following <CONTEXT> configuration property to activiti-app/META-INF/context.xml:


Access the REST API Explorer with the link: http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/api-explorer.html.

There is also a public REST API Explorer.

This screenshot shows what the REST API Explorer looks like:

Click on a link to view the available operations for a particular group of APIs.

For example, to explore the operations on a specific entity, Admin Tenants: Manage Tenants API, just click on it:

Click on an operation to test it against the locally running Process Services instance.

When you click Try it out!, you'll see the following response:

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