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Create and publish your first process app

Once you’ve created a process, you can create an app and add the process to it, then publish the app.

  1. Click App Designer on your dashboard then click the Apps tab and select Create App.
  2. Give the app a name (for example “Expense Approval”) and a description, then click Create new app definition.
  3. Click Edit included models.
  4. Select the Expense approval model. The Selected icon icon shows that you’ve selected it. Then click Close.
  5. Click Save icon Save then select the Publish? option and Save and close editor.
  6. Click Back icon to return to your dashboard.
  7. Click + to add a new app then select the Expense Approval app and click Deploy.

    App added

    The Expense Approval app is added to your dashboard.

    Next step: Use your first process app

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