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Adding a repository

You can add a repository from the Identity Management app.

To add a repository:

  1. Start the Process Services server and log in as administrator.
  2. Open the Profile Management (Identity Management) app, and click Tenants tab > Alfresco Repositories.
  3. In Alfresco Repositories, create a repository pointing to the Alfresco Content Services server and Share Connector. The following is an example of the form, assuming you are running Alfresco Content Services on the same machine and on port 8080:




    Acme’s Server

    Alfresco tenant

    Tenant name to use in Alfresco. When left blank, it uses the default tenant (-default-).

    Repository base URL

    Share base URL

    Alfresco Share connector




Note: Once the repository is created, you can see your new repository in the Alfresco Repositories list. If the id set to 1, you are good to go and all default values are fine. However, if it is set to something else, for example, 1002, you must stop the server and make sure your Id appears as alfresco-1002 in the following files, and then restart your servers:
  • In the Alfresco Content Services tomcat/shared/classes/ - Override the default by adding a new line with activiti.alfrescoRepositoryName=alfresco-1002

  • In the Process Services tomcat/lib/ - The property named integration.login.alfresco-1.secret should be named integration.login.alfresco-1002.secret

In addition, to make this repository work for features such as Publish to Alfresco or browse Alfresco for documents from Process Services, verify that a user has a user account for the repository.

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