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MS-MT configuration properties

There are some configuration properties specific to MS-MT:

  • tenancy.model : possible values are shared (default if omitted) or isolated. Isolated switched a multi-tenant setup to MS-MT.

  • msmt.tenant-validity.cronExpression : the cron expression that determines how often the validity of tenants must be checked (see previous section) (by default every 10 minutes).

  • msmt.async-executor.mode : There are two implementations of the Async job executor for the Activiti core engine. The default is isolated, where for each tenant a full async executor is booted up. For each tenant there will be acquire threads, a threadpool and queue for executing threads. The alternative value for this property is shared-queue, where there are acquire threads for each tenant, but the actual job execution is done by a shared threadpool and queue. This saves some server resources, but could lead to slower job processing in case there are many jobs.

  • msmt.bootstrapped.tenants : a semicolon separated list of tenant names. Can be used to make sure one node in a multi-node setup only takes care of the tenants in the list. Does require that the loadbalancer also uses similar logic.

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