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Logging back-end metrics

The application uses SLF4J bounded to Log4j. The configuration file can be found in the WEB-INF/classes folder of the WAR file.

See SLF4J and Log4j for more information.

For all REST API endpoints available in the application, metrics are gathered about run-time performance. These statistics can be written to the log.





Boolean value. If true, the REST API endpoint statistics will be logged.



The interval of logging in seconds. Do note that these logs are quite large, so this should not be set to be too frequent.


Note that the statistics are based on the run-time timings since the last start up. When the server goes down, the metrics are lost.

Example output for one REST API endpoint:
  count = 4
  mean rate = 0.03 calls/second
  1-minute rate = 0.03 calls/second
  5-minute rate = 0.01 calls/second
  15-minute rate = 0.00 calls/second
  min = 5.28 milliseconds
  max = 186.55 milliseconds
  mean = 50.74 milliseconds
  stddev = 90.54 milliseconds
  median = 5.57 milliseconds
  75% <= 141.34 milliseconds
  95% <= 186.55 milliseconds
  98% <= 186.55 milliseconds
  99% <= 186.55 milliseconds
  99.9% <= 186.55 milliseconds

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