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Following interfaces can be used to replace the default implementations of MS-MT related functionality:

  • com.activiti.api.msmt.MsmtTenantResolver : used when the user authenticates and the tenant id is determined. The default implementation uses a database table (with caching) to store the user id to tenant id relationship.

  • com.activiti.api.msmt.MsmtUserKeyResolver : works in conjuction with the Default MsmtTenantResolver, returns the user id for a user. By default returns the email or external id (if external id is used).

  • com.activiti.api.datasource.DataSourceBuilderOverride : called when a tenant datasource configuration is used to create a datasource. If there is a bean on the classpath implementing this interface, the logic will be delegated to this bean to create the javax.sql.DataSource. By default, a c3p0 DataSource / connection pool will be created for the configuration.

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