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Alfresco Content Services configuration

Alfresco Content Services can be used to:

  • Upload or link related content (for example, for a task)

  • Upload or link content in a form

The connection for an Alfresco Content Services installation is created by an administrator through the user interface. Accounts for connecting to an Alfresco Content Services installation are created by the users themselves.

Passwords are stored encrypted in the database. An init vector and secret key are used for the encryption. These keys can be changed from the default values as follows:

# Passwords for non-OAuth services (eg. on-premise alfresco) are encrypted using AES/CBC/PKCS5PADDING
# It needs a 128-bit initialization vector ( and a 128-bit secret key
# represented as 16 ascii characters below
Note: When the connector installed on your Alfresco Content Services server you will be able to use the Task application from Share.

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