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Starting a workflow on a file

In your site’s document library in Alfresco Share, you can start a workflow on one or more files. The following steps describe how to initiate a workflow using one of the pre-defined processes on two files.

Prerequisite: You must create your own site in Alfresco Share and have some files and folders added to it.

  1. Find the file(s) you want to start the workflow on and click Selected Items > Start Workflow in the menu bar.

    The Start Workflow page appears.

  2. Select the Ad hoc Task predefined process from the list of processes.

    The start form for the process is displayed.

    Note that the two files selected are already shown in the upload field of the form. When you start a workflow on a file or files, the selected content items are always associated with the first upload field in the process definition.

  3. Fill in the start form, assigning the process to yourself, and click Start Process.

    The process is initiated, and the first task appears active.

You have successfully started an process on the selected files in an site.

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