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Synchronization on boot

On a first boot, all users/groups must sync for the first time, otherwise nobody would be able to log in. The LDAP synchronization logic does this automatically. When creating a custom synchronization service, a custom BootstrapConfigurer can be used to do the same thing:

package com.activiti.extension.bean;

public class MyBootstrapConfigurer implements BootstrapConfigurer {

  private FileSyncService fileSyncService;

  public void applicationContextInitialized(org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext applicationContext) {


This implements the com.activiti.api.boot.BootstrapConfigurer interface. If there is an instance implementing this interface on the classpath, it will be called when the application is booting up (more precisely: after the Spring application context has been initialized). Here, the class we created in the previous section, FileSyncService is injected. Note we add it to the component scanned package again and added the @component identifier.

Call the asyncExecuteFullSynchronizationIfNeeded() method. The null parameter means the default tenant (that is, this is a non-multitenant setup). This is a method from the com.activiti.api.idm.ExternalIdmSourceSyncService interface, which will do a full sync if no initial synchronization was done before.

As a side note, all synchronization logs are stored in a table IDM_SYNC_LOG in the database.

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