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Form Controls

The form controls for each field determine how the field is displayed and handled.
Control Description
Text Allows you to enter text.
Multi-line Text Enables you to enter multiple lines of text within a text box.
Number Allows you to enter a number.
Checkbox Allows selection and deselection of the field.
Date Allows selection of a date from a pop-up calendar.
Date/Time The behavior is similar to that of the Date control, with the added capability of allowing selection of a time value.
Dropdown Allows you to select an item from a displayed list of items.
Typeahead On entering data, displays filtered information in a list and allows selection of a value.
Amount Allows you to input data representing an amount of money and to define a currency type.
Radio buttons Allows you to choose an item from a predefined list.
People Allows you to select a person from a list.
Group of people Allows you to create a group of people by selecting names from a list.
Dynamic table Allows you to input multiple rows of data in a table.
Hyperlink Displays a hyperlink.
Header Acts as a container into which you can drag and drop other control fields. You can organize these into columns and label them. You can also add a title in the header element.
Attach File Allows you to upload and attach files from the file system or other sources, for example Box, Google Drive.
Display value Allows you to display the value of a field or variable previously submitted in any form.
Display text Allows you to display text for a field. You can also display values previously submitted in any form, and include this within the text.

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