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Task List

To return a list of tasks, use:
POST api/enterprise/tasks/query

which includes a JSON body containing the query parameters. Following parameters are available:

  • appDefinitionId

  • processInstanceId

  • processDefinitionId

  • text (the task name will be filtered with this, using like semantics : %text%)

  • assignment

    • assignee : where the current user is the assignee

    • candidate: where the current user is a task candidate

    • group_x: where the task is assigned to a group where the current user is a member of. The groups can be fetched through the profile REST endpoint

    • no value: where the current user is involved

  • state (completed or active)

  • sort (possible values are created-desc, created-asc, due-desc, due-asc)

  • start (for paging, default 0)

  • size (for paging, default 25)

Example response:

        "size": 6,
        "total": 6,
        "start": 0,
                        "id": "2524",
                        "name": "Task",
                        "description": null,
                        "category": null,
                        "assignee":{"id": 1, "firstName": null, "lastName": "Administrator", "email": ""},
                        "created": "2015-01-08T10:58:37.193+0000",
                        "dueDate": null,
                        "endDate": null,
                        "duration": null,
                        "priority": 50,
                        "processInstanceId": "2511",
                        "processDefinitionId": "teststep:3:29",
                        "processDefinitionName": "Test step",
                        "processDefinitionDescription": null,
                        "processDefinitionKey": "teststep",
                        "processDefinitionCategory": "",
                        "processDefinitionVersion": 3,
                        "processDefinitionDeploymentId": "26",
                        "formKey": "5"

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