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Task Variables

To create new task variables:

POST api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/variables

To get all task variables:

GET api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/variables

To get a task variable by name:

GET api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/variables/{variableName}

To update an existing task variable:

PUT api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/variables/{variableName}

Example response:



  • name - Name of the variable.

  • scope - Global or local. If global is provided, then the variable will be a process-instance variable.

  • type - Type of variable, such as string.

  • value - Value of the variable.

To delete a task variable:

DELETE api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/variables/{variableName}

To delete all task variables:

DELETE api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/variables

Where, taskId is the ID of the task.

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