Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce

Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce 2.2

Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce allows you to store documents in Alfresco Content Services, but access them directly from Salesforce.

Features include:

  • Full document management support

    • You can upload, share, edit, and delete files and folders in Salesforce that are stored securely in Content Services. It also provides version history and tagging capability. You can store personal files as well as those that you want to share.
    • You can link files and folders to Salesforce records.
    • You can choose what metadata and record properties are carried through from Salesforce to Content Services.
  • Access for non-Salesforce users

    • Non-Salesforce users can access content, as it is stored in Content Services, enabling secure online collaboration with people outside your organization.
  • Automated business processes

    • You can set up rules in Content Services that automatically manage your Salesforce business processes. For example, you could set up rules so that your documents are sent straight to the right people for approval as soon as they’re saved in Content Services. You can then track the progress and completion of the approval process.

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