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Using Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce

With Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce you can upload, create, and delete files, and link Alfresco content with Salesforce records. You can also browse and search Alfresco directly from within Salesforce.
There are two methods you can use to work with your Alfresco content in Salesforce. If your Salesforce administrator has added the Alfresco app to your Salesforce settings, you can use Alfresco:
  1. Directly in a Salesforce record (if the Alfresco app has been added to the record layout)
  2. By using the Alfresco Repository tab on the Salesforce toolbar. Use this method if you need to associate or link files with Salesforce records.
Salesforce administrators can use this information to install and configure the Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce: Installing and configuring Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce.

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