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SAP Connector Administration Console

This topic shows you how to check the health of the current installation using Alfresco Share.

The SAP Connector Administration Console provides a smart overview of all important settings for the current state of the SAP Connector. Having all configuration settings and properties, from different parts of the installation, in one screen makes it easy to identify and review the current state.

The SAP Connector Administration Console is only available for Alfresco Share. If Alfresco Share isn't available, you can use the SAP Connector Administration Health WebScript to check the status of the SAP Connector. See SAP Connector Administration Health Web Script for more.

Accessing the Administration Console

The SAP Connector Administration Console is installed as an Admin Tool, so you can access it via the Admin Tools toolbar in Alfresco Share. A new menu item SAP Integration is available. Click it to open the SAP Connector Administration Console.

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