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Prerequisites and supported platforms

This topic lists the environment/software prerequisites for installing and using the SAP Connector.

General requirements

  • A valid license for SAP Connector.
  • Both systems, Alfresco Content Services and SAP, must be available in the same network, or connected through a VPN.
  • Access to the SAP Support Portal to download the native libraries of the SAP Java Connector for your current system architecture.

SAP requirements

  • SAP ECC 6.0 (or up to latest) with at least SAP GUI 7.30
  • SAP S/4HANA (build 1809 or up to latest) with at least SAP GUI 7.50
  • SAP dialog user who is able to:
    • Create new SAP Content Repositories (transaction OAC0)
    • Create related ArchiveLink customization as described in the SAP Implementation Guide (available via transaction SPRO)
    • Test the ArchiveLink interface in any related module (for example, transaction FB03 for Finance)
  • SAP system user who is able to:
    • Invoke BAPIs (ABAP function modules via RFC connection)
  • SAP Java Connector (JCo): JCo 3.1.x must be installed

Alfresco requirements

  • Alfresco Content Services 5.2.1 or later
  • Alfresco server system architecture must be one of the following (for these architectures, SAP offers native Java Connector versions):
    • Linux 64bit x86
    • Windows 64bit x86
    • Windows 64bit Itanium
    • Linux 64bit Itanium
    • Linux IBM eServer z Series 64bit
    • Linux IBM PowerPC processors 64bit BE and LE
    • HP-UX 64bit PA-RISC
    • HP-UX 64bit Itanium
    • IBM AIX 64bit
    • IBM z/OS 64bit
    • IBM i 64bit
    • Sun OS 64bit SPARC
    • Sun OS 64bit x86
    • Mac OS X (for Intel) 64bit x86
  • Firewall does not block HTTP traffic on port 80 / 8080 / 8082.
  • Access to the Alfresco Content Services server with admin privileges to:
    • Apply the SAP Connector AMP files
    • Edit file
    • Stop/start the application server
  • Alfresco user with admin permissions.

See Alfresco Supported Platforms for the current support status in previous Alfresco Content Services versions.

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