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Troubleshooting the SAP Connector

Sorry you're having trouble with the SAP Connector.
Your problem may be related to any one of the following issues:

License not valid

If you can't apply the SAP Connector license you've received successfully, make sure you've provided the correct details of your landscape (such as Is Alfresco Content Services running in a virtual machine?) which are important to issue the license.

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Error during connection test setting up a secure connection (HTTPS) in OAC0

If you receive an error during the connection test in OAC0 for the SAP Content Repository, make sure to have the Port Number removed. Only provide the SSL Port Number in this case.

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Payment required (HTTP Response code 402)

If the SAP Connector license becomes invalid or is missing, the SAP user will get a popup which states "Payment required", along with a 402 HTTP response code once they try to store a document in Alfresco Content Services. In this case, check the SAP Connector license. See Installing the license for more.

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Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

You don't appear to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. With JavaScript enabled, you can provide feedback to us using our simple form. Here are some instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.