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SAP Connector Administration Health Web Script

This topic shows you how to check the health of the current installation using a Web Script.

The health Web Script can be used as an alternative way to check the state of the SAP Connector without accessing the SAP Connector Administration Console in Alfresco Share. It allows to review all settings related to a specific SAP Content Repository name (archiveId) defined in

Note: Unlike the SAP Connector Administration Console, this Web Script just provides a configuration overview. It's not intended for any action to be executed.

Accessing the Web Script

The Web Script is available on the repository tier. To access it, log in to the Alfresco Web Scripts Home and browse to Content Connector for SAP - Admin web scripts.

In this section, scroll to Health Check of Content Connector for SAP where the Web Script is available. If you click the link without any modification, the Web Script returns an error. You'll need to change the archiveId parameter, as shown in the next section.

List all available SAP System Configurations with their SAP Content Repository Names

You call the Web Script with an empty value for the archiveId parameter to list all SAP System Configurations with their related SAP Content Repositories. These parameters are defined in


In this case, the Web Script returns all settings that affect the global behavior of the SAP Connector (if available). See Additional settings ( for more details. It also lists the archiveIds parameter for each available SAP System Configuration, and displays the values (which are the SAP Content Repository names).

Click an SAP Content Repository name to show the details of the related SAP System Configuration.

Check SAP Connector health by SAP Content Repository name

You can check the SAP System Configuration for a particular SAP Content Repository by passing the archiveId parameter with an existing SAP Content Repository name. For example:

This prints all settings for the given archiveId. It includes all settings of the related SAP System Configuration, and also SAP Connector core settings. See Additional settings ( for more details. In addition, it may show any detected configuration errors for this archiveId.

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