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What's new in Alfresco Search Services

See what's new in this Alfresco Search Services 2.0 release.

Alfresco Index Store removal

From Alfresco Search Services 2.0 the Alfresco Index Store has been removed. For the implications of what this means for your installation, see the important note Search Services externalized configuration

Update to Keystore configuration

We have made significant improvements to how the Keystores are configured. We now store the configuration in JVM system properties instead of properties files. For more information on the changes see:
Note: The way Keystores were configured before Alfresco Search Services 2.0 will still work but we don't recommend it because of security issues.

FIX tool enhancements

We now allow the targeting of FIX operations in a particular timeframe and the cancellation of FIX actions. We have also created a dry run option to the FIX tool to allow you to analyse the effects of your changes before you commit anything.

You can follow our latest updates at Alfrescodocs.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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