Alfresco Search and Insight Engine 1.0

Alfresco Search and Insight Engine is our new generation of analytics using Alfresco Search Services. It fully supports Aspects, Properties, ACLs, and Custom Metadata, and doesn’t require any new technologies to be learnt or installed. It also supports SQL queries for reporting on the Solr data store via JDBC, and the dashboard comes pre-configured with some common reports. We have built Alfresco Insight Zeppelin on top of Apache Zeppelin which comes bundled as a report builder and it comes pre-configured to easily build custom reports with SQL, including against Custom Metadata.

Note: Alfresco Insight Zeppelin is the only supported visualization tool that works with Search and Insight Engine.

Currently the following are not supported with Search and Insight Engine 1.0:

  • Alfresco Governance Services.
  • Alfresco Process Services.
  • Reporting on audit and activity feeds from Alfresco Content Services.
  • Multi-tenancy.

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