Alfresco Transform Service 1.3

The Transform Service provides a secure, scalable, reliable, and extensible mechanism for converting files from their current format into other formats.

This release of the Transform Service module provides a single all-in-one Transform Core Engine (T-Engine) that performs all the core transforms. This replaces the five separate T-Engines for all but the largest deployments, where it's still advisable to separate out the different types of transforms into their own images. Note that the all-in-one T-Engine is the default option for the Docker Compose deployment and installation using the distribution zip, however Helm deployments continue to use the five separate T-Engines in order to provide balanced throughput and scalability improvements. This release also provides two main options for deployment: using containerized deployment or using the distribution zip.

The key capabilities of the Transform Service include the ability to:

  • Scale the transformation capabilities independently of the content repository.
  • Make use of the exposed transformation capabilities for all subsystems of the repository.
  • Provide a greater level of reliability and fault tolerance by using persistent queues.
  • Develop custom (i.e. out of process) transformers to enable the migration of any existing transform customizations.
Important: The Transform Service is deployed as part of the Alfresco Content Services deployment for containerized deployments only. See What's deployed in Alfresco Content Services for the list of components.
Important: If you're installing Alfresco Content Services using the distribution zip, you can install the Transform Service using an additional distribution zip.

For information about deploying and configuring the Transform Service, see Deploying Transform Service.

For earlier releases of the Transform Service, see the Previous Versions section of

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