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Public Alfresco Docker images

The public Alfresco Docker images are available in the Docker Hub registry.

Go to Docker Hub to see a list of images belonging to the alfresco user. Alternatively, access Docker Hub and search for alfresco (note that not all images are visible):

There are a number of Docker images that relate to Alfresco Content Services:

  • alfresco/alfresco-share - the Share web interface (i.e. share.war) running on Apache Tomcat
  • alfresco/alfresco-search-services - the Solr 6 based search service running on Jetty
  • alfresco/alfresco-content-repository - the Repository app (i.e. alfresco.war) running on Apache Tomcat

There are also other supporting features available, such as Docker images for image and document transformation:

  • alfresco/alfresco-imagemagick
  • alfresco/alfresco-libreoffice
  • alfresco/alfresco-pdf-renderer

To build the alfresco/alfresco-content-repository image, Alfresco uses the Alfresco/acs-packaging GitHub project. This project doesn't include any deployment templates. The Alfresco/acs-deployment GitHub project contains deployment templates and instructions. It includes a Docker Compose script that's used to launch a demo, test, or PoC of Alfresco Content Services. You can customize this script, if you like, in order to run with different versions than those set by default (which are usually the latest versions).

When you deploy Alfresco Content Services, the following containers are started:

  • Alfresco Repository with:
    • Alfresco Share Services AMP
    • Alfresco Office Services (AOS) AMP
    • Alfresco vti-bin war - that helps with AOS integration
    • Alfresco Google Docs Integration Repo AMP
  • Alfresco Share with:
    • Alfresco Google Docs Integration Share AMP
  • Alfresco Search Services (Solr 6)
  • A Postgres Database

GitHub projects

Deployment project

The deployment project contains the Docker Compose file to start up an Alfresco Content Services environment locally. You'll find the relevant files in the docker-compose folder. To look at the project in more detail, just browse to:

If you're interested in the Helm charts to deploy Alfresco Content Services with Kubernetes, you'll find the relevant files in the helm/alfresco-content-services folder.

Packaging project

The packaging project is used to build the repository artifacts, such as the Docker image for the repository. To look at the project in more detail, just browse to:

Other projects

Note that the Docker files for Alfresco Share and Alfresco Search Services are in their own projects:

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